Pricing Gerneral Infomation

We endure to deliver an efficent coutesy service, and as such have put together the infomation below for your info:

  • Our minimum fare is £5.00 for first 2 miles. £2.00 per mile or part of thereafter.

  • Wait and return journey’s are charged at fare and a half plus any waiting time, the minimum fare charged for wait and return’s is £8.00.

  • The first five minutes of waiting time are free of charge, the rate then begins at £0.25 pence per minute or £15.00 per hour.

  • Estate Car and 6/7 Seater prices are charged at fare and a half and the minimum charge for booking these vehicles is £8.00 for all regular journey’s.  This excludes airports & stations.

  • Larger vehicles and excutive cars available, these are custom priced based on journey’s.  Please call to discuss pricing and options.

  • Saloon Cars are licensed to carry a maximum of 4 people excluding driver. All luggage must be contained in the boot,any excess luggage that needs to be placed inside of the vehicle will automatically be charged at estate car prices.

  • 6/7 Seaters are licensed to carry up to 7 passengers including the driver.  These vehicles are booked when you have 5 or more passengers or if you have large amounts of shopping, luggage etc.

  • Wheelchair accesible vehicles are not yet available.

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